Analytical Equipment
Consulting and data analysis are the foundation of your design.
Water quality analyzer
(TRO, TN, TAN, TOC, DOC etc)

Although the quality of the water is controlled by various measuring instruments used for water treatment (water purification, etc.) in the farm, it is possible to compare and observe the condition of the existing measuring instruments periodically through the precision water quality analyzer as shown above, It is used when monitoring can not be done. Especially, ozone oxidation system applied to aquaculture fish should be checked periodically against the sensor because very small amount of TRO should be measured. These checks are regularly visited by the FNS to check the quality of water quality and the appropriate amount of TRO to ensure optimum water quality.

High concentration ozone monitor

High concentration ozone production monitor is a must for the water treatment system of the farm using TRO. Because it is the part that needs to manage fish culture with proper ozone production value, it is necessary to turn the system with reliable ozone output value so that water treatment can be done stably.

Through high-concentration ozone production monitor, non-specialists can directly check with experts and contact experts in case of problems. We will provide all the controls for ozone generator facility easily through the control panel.

Oxygen purifier
(Real-time monitoring)

The oxygen purifier is a device that is essential for the oxygen generator system. It is necessary to equip accurate purity oxygen value, and it is possible to control stably by the value. In the majority of farms where the oxygen generator is currently installed, the oxygen purity is not known due to the absence of the oxygen purifier, and most of the oxygen generators do not know even if the oxygen generator fails.

To prevent this malfunction, our company installs an oxygen purifier unconditionally when oxygen generator is installed to monitor the purity of oxygen in real time.

Gas flow meter
& Seawater Flowmeter

 The gas flow meter and the seawater flow meter refer to the gas flow control device such as oxygen gas or ozone gas, and the seawater flow meter is a device for controlling the circulation quantity and the circulation quantity flowing in and out of the aquarium, including a magnetic flow meter, Various measuring instruments such as differential pressure type flow meter and area type flow meter can be applied.
The material and performance of the flow meter should be selected and applied according to the purpose of installation.
Titanium, Hastelloy C, etc. are usually applied to seawater, and the surface that comes into contact with seawater should be a material that can withstand seawater such as Teflon lining or SCS14

Dissolved oxygen​ monitor

Dissolved oxygen in the water is the most basic in fish. DO in seawater should be maintained more stable and DO required for fish by measuring DO in the water tank through deserved oxygen monitor through salinity assurance.
Salinity, water temperature, etc. are important parameters. As a new measurement technology, electrolyte, anode, and cathode used in conventional OD meter inspection will deteriorate over time. However, a new DO measurement method based on light emitting technology has been developed and spread. This new system eliminates the need for anodes, cathodes and electrolytes, significantly reducing maintenance time and costs.

pH Meter

pH control is a very important part in high density form.
As the pH becomes lower, the transport of oxygen into the fish's blood becomes more difficult and the growth efficiency of cultured fish is lowered.
Therefore, a system must be established that can monitor water quality in real time and automatically adjust the alkalinity of the water quality.
Typical pH measurement is a device to measure pH by measuring the potential difference between two electrode by immersing glass electrode and silver-silver chloride reference electrode which are hydrogen ion selective indicator electrodes in sample solution. The pH meter has a built-in pH scale to read the pH value accurately.

Introduction of analytical equipment