President Message

Dear all.

FNS (Co., Ltd.) is a leader in design and construction for more than 20 years related to water treatment and spreading of water treatment system for aquaculture for the past 10 years.

Through our experience and scientific and differentiated technology, our company has been providing advanced water treatment solutions especially in the field of sea water treatment.


We are the largest company in Korea with the highest capacity of operation of water treatment and operation, and by disseminating and operating the water purification system (ozone sterilization) using ozone, we significantly reduce the mortality rate of farms, & We are spreading circulation filtration system for medium cultivation.


The quality of RAS technology and the quality of care are very important for the production of fish in successful circulation filtration systems. In particular, the quality of these technologies, along with the environmental benefits, are very important to us.


All of our employees will continue to make efforts to supply the technology of a competitive eco-friendly aquaculture industry.


Thank you.

FNS(Co., Ltd.)     CEO_ Han jung ho

<Possess technology>

  • System: RAS (solids removal, Skimmer, CO2 degassing, TAN removal)

  • Infused water sterilization system by ozone treatment (patent registered): Named water purification system

  • Influent filtration system

  • High-efficiency oxygen generator (PSA)

  • High-efficiency oxygen dissolving device (Patent registered)

  • LED fish growth promotion system

  • Individual aquarium water treatment system