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FNS seawater treatment system

Defend the food of the sea!

Nature is an ecosystem that coexists with humanity. In particular, the sea supplies much to humanity.
In particular, as population increases, the demand for fish is increasing.
In the reality that the necessary fish can not be supplied, fish farming is the only countermeasure.
FNS Co., Ltd. develops and supplies seawater treatment systems to protect marine ecosystems and preserve future food.Defend the food of the sea! FNS seawater water treatment system Flounder onshore farm

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System optimized for fish form

Strengthen stability, increase efficiency

 The marine ecosystem is being destroyed by rapidly changing global environment such as global warming and changes in sea water temperature.

If the marine habitat destruction and irresponsible fisheries catch up at the same rate as the present, a study report that the population of marine life such as fish will disappear in 2050 was shocked.
In this reality, fish farming is becoming a very important industry for humanity.

 The most important factor in fish culture is maintaining the water quality optimized for the culture.  Among them, pollution caused by microorganisms and organisms that cause fish diseases not only lowers the value of the products, but also raises the mortality rate and causes fatal problems in the aquaculture farm.  But choosing a water quality management system that guarantees economy, efficiency and reliable technology is not easy to get the expected effect.

 With over 25 years of experience, unrivaled technology and partnerships with global water treatment companies, our engineering team has provided the best water quality management system required by farmers by introducing new advanced technologies. We have developed an optimized system.

  Simplicity, efficiency, and reliability of the system-related technology are absolutely essential. FNS has differentiated know-how in this field, and the key element technology of this seawater processing system is to enter LSS (Life Support System) of aquaculture and aquarium by going into USA, Vietnam, Peru, Costa Rica etc. Are being promoted.

 The FNS seawater treatment system consists of an efficient and safe optimal gas dissolving system and a system for removing organic matter, and consists of an automatic control system that controls the system. This system sterilizes the water, removes organic matter, color and odor causing substances, and maximizes the high survival rate and circulation yield of the aquaculture in the seawater circulation filtration system.

  The gas dissolution apparatus, which is the core of FNS seawater treatment system, is a patented technology that dissolves 100% ozone gas in water. It has already been applied to many farms and has been proved to be applied as an oxygen dissolving apparatus. It is recognized as eco-friendly aquaculture technology. Especially, the sterilization system using ozone and seawater electrolysis system is a technology to control oxidant generated by oxidizing bromine ion present in seawater. It is applied safely and safely.

  In addition, the new automatic control system of FNS is characterized by its simple operation and easy operation by anyone. TRO monitors for high-concentration ozone monitor and fish safety, seawater flow meter for monitoring seawater treatment capacity, proportional control device for automatically controlling the amount of ozone and oxidizer are integrated in the automation panel. Simple and convenient. Another advantage of the FNS seawater treatment system is its economic and efficiency. Ozone gas used for sterilization is produced in more than 90% of oxygen as raw material. Most farms have oxygen generation system or liquid oxygen supply facility, which saves installation space and investment cost to modernize facilities.

FNS develops and supplies a stable and efficient seawater treatment system in the aquaculture field. With more than 25 years of experience in water treatment, the engineers of FFEs continuously and reliably supply the quality of water bonded to aquaculture through the advanced water treatment technology base.

  • CEO : Han jung ho

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