Aquaculture System

"Even the waters are beautiful"

Seawater recirculation system

RAS(Recirculation Aquaculture System)

Advantages of Seawater Circulation Filtration

  • Generation of Optimal Biological Conditions

  • Bio-security

  • Minimization of organic waste

  • Production from customer site

  • Production throughout the year

  • High density stocking & high productivity

  • Reduced labor costs

  • Inflow and energy conservation

  • Reduced stress and illness

  • Improve understanding of the aquaculture system.

  • The world's first production of the industrial world

  • Location: Northern Wales, UK

  • Stocking density: 80kg / m3

  • Circulating water: 7000 tons / hour

  • Basic aquarium: 8 trillion (750 tons / per unit)

  • Cheese tank: 6 sets

  • Ozone treatment system (TRO control)

  • Seawater Skimmer + CO2 Removal + Biofiltration

  • Ship twice a week

  • Annual production up to 1000 tons

Successful application cases

Fish farming is science.
The ultimate aquaculture is able to respond to eco-friendly aquaculture through circulation filtration,
Eco-friendly fishery that minimizes environmental impact.