Oxygen generating system

"Ten years must be available!"

FNS Oxygen Generation Facility is Different!

(Field trip possible!)

Visit the farm to identify problems


Present solution

System design

Designed according to the characteristics and requirements of the farm.





Secure construction management

Direct construction.


24 hour remote management system provided


Expert Visit

"Ten years should be available."

Differences from existing oxygen generation facilities

Life is short.

There are frequent breakdowns.

Maintenance cost is high.

The investment cost is high.

Ten years can be used.

Appropriate equipment for marine environment

Remote and expert visit management

Investment cost is low due to direct design and construction.

Problems of existing facilities

<Most Air Compressor Problems>

  1. Frequent breakdown of air compressor

  2. Maintenance cost of air compressor is excessive

  3. The overhaul cycle is too fast.
    (Mostly 20000 to 25000 hours)

  4. Oil Carry Over of air compressor is excessive.

  5. Loading and unloading power ratio is large.

  6. Post management is too difficult.

<Other Problems>

Nonconforming design :

  1. Design of nonconforming capacities for each device

  2. Lack of calculation of condensate quantity and backflow oil design



1.Oxygen Generation system

(Jungwoo fishery)

2.Oxygen Generation system

(Geumwoo fishery)


3.Oxygen Generation system

(Younglim,Gwanglim fishery)


4.Oxygen Generation system

(Osung fishery)