It can be used for a long time by using equipments and equipments suitable for seawater environment.

A brief description of equipment and devices

Oxygen generator
Pressure Swing Adsorption

User-centric design
And oxygen in the field.
It is directly produced and is not affected by price fluctuations like liquid oxygen.

TRO production and control equipment
(Ozone generator)

Ozone oxidizes bromine ion Br - present in sea water to produce TRO. Automatic control of ozone requires installer's professional knowledge and experience.

Gas dissolution reaction apparatus
(Oxygen dissolution and ozone dissolution)

As a patented technology, it is a dissolving device that dissolves ozone or oxygen in seawater with high efficiency.

Surplus ozone destructor
(V. O. D.)

The target treatment concentration of the ozone treatment plant should be less than 0.1ppm according to the environmental standards and the Industrial Safety and Health Act.
FNS provides VOD (pyrolysis type or catalytic type) directly through design and production.

Seawater pressure float tank

A pressurized floating tank is also called a skimmer in LSS.
Bubble is supplied to adhere to microscopic organic substances and proteins and float up to the surface layer.

Degassing device
(CO2 remove)

As with freshwater, aquaculture fish, which is applied in seawater, affects the alkalinity of seawater. In dense form, CO2 deaeration systems are an important system that can minimize pH control chemicals.

Solids removal device
(drum screen, disk screen,
Sand filtration, cyclone, etc)

In the aquaculture, it is very important that the filtration system is a necessary device and that the solids discharged into the aquarium should be removed to maintain a constant turbidity.