Swirl flow water treatment device
The swirl water treatment system is a patent of FNS!

Introduction of swirl water treatment system (for water treatment)

The swirl water treatment system is a system that helps to float floating materials (bacteria, parasites) and CO2.

Circulation circulation is made to maximize the residence time, Maximize processing efficiency.

Detailed explanation: The water treatment system for aquaculture water turns the seawater flowing into the reaction tank,
So that ozone and air are uniformly mixed with seawater

Sterilization, elimination of soluble oil in water, generation of TRO (Total Residual Oxidant) due to reaction of ozone and seawater

By increasing the cohesive force of floating materials, it is possible to effectively float organic matter and other floating materials (including bacteria and parasites)

Let it be processed promptly and make the deaeration of carbon dioxide in the water quick.

※ The above drawings are drawings that you designed yourself. Please inquire at FNS because it is designed according to the tank size and volume.